Postmaster and abuse email for server's host domain?

I am having to do some authentication stuff to get my mail server monitored and they want to send email to one of a few addresses, two which go to the host domain of my virtualmin server (abuse@ or postmaster@). This is the domain you enter when setting up your linux server. It is not a virtual server. When those addresses are emailed I get a “status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)”. If I send an email from an external account like my gmail I don’t get a bounce.

I found the Postfix config in Webmin with all the aliases and the user postmaster was set to forward to root which has been disabled. abuse was set to forward to root as well. I changed them to forward to other emails with no success, local and external still getting the same issues.

How can I get the to successful accept mail and how to I check it? Thanks

Well, you either have to alias to another address, or you have to delete the alias and set it up as an actual address.

I routinely delete the “webmaster” alias and create it as an actual address, and alias the rest of the required addresses to “webmaster.” I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work with “postmaster” as well.


Thanks. how do you set up an email on the host domain? How do you check the mail (I think I can figure this out).

Well I I set up a test user in Webmin, sent it an email and I got the loopback error when sending from another account & domain on my server. A message sent from gmail didn’t get delivered and in my log this error came up:

Relay access denied; from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP helo=<>

EDIT - the hostname/domain for my server is I had to add an entry to the postfix to accept email for I think I figured it all out. Receiving mail for even the postmaster alias now. Thanks for your help.

My pleasure.

I actually wasn’t thinking clearly, however, probably because I’m in the middle of moving. Ever see how much electronics crap a geek accumulates over the years? I found floppy drives, EDO RAM, and even an original copy of MS-DOS in my basement.

In any case, on the server itself, I actually create “hostmaster@server1.example.tld” as a real address, and have the rest of the mandatories aliased to there. CSF also sends LFD reports to that address, which I check on Thumderbird and K9. It works out fine. I use “webmaster” on the domains, but “hostmaster” on the server.

I do have a Virtual Server set up on the hostname, with nothing but the picture of the bird on my shoulder on the index page visible to ordinary users. There are other things going on in that virtual server, mainly honeypots and other traps for miscreants; but ordinary users will never see them.


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