Postgrey reports

Hi there,

I know how great this greylisting thing is. It dramatically reduces spam. However, I am wondering if there is a reporting tool for this to somehow show users in Usermin the status of their emails.

For example if an incoming email is rejected but was not supposed to be rejected they will be able to see this and do something about it, perhaps even optionally unreject the email and be able to view it.

Is there something like this already somewhere? Or anything in the works?

They are replacing a Barracuda spam system so whatever they do I don’t know, but here is what they say now:

“They are wanting to know if there is an interface to Postgrey where the can go in and see what is being ‘held up’ by Postgrey. They are concerned that there is no visibility into what emails they are ‘missing’ with Postgrey.”

So I guess the Barracude lets them see all they want.

This link shows that there is a reporting tool available, however it would be really amazing if this could show up in Usermin and show them only the emails related to their account.

Any ideas?



Hi Ryan,

Those are some neat ideas, but as of now, there isn’t any such feature that I’m aware of.

The software being used to handle the greylisting is called “Postgrey”.

You could poke around on Google to see if maybe someone created an app for managing what you’re talking about.

It’s also possible that other greylisting software offers a feature to handle some of that.

The tool you mentioned does appear to provide useful info, but is largely designed for the root user… perhaps with some tweaking that could be tuned to provide the info you’re hoping to see :slight_smile: It’s written in Perl if you happen to be familiar with that.

Also, you can always file a feature request describing what you’re after (using the Support link above), just be patient though as it could take a little time to get that all coded in :slight_smile:


Hi Eric,

I have done some reading about Postgrey. This was a pretty good link: I also tried to find some postgreyreport commands that may be useful but you say it doesn’t output useful info. Then so far it seems like if I could just modify that tool to parse the logs and output the info differently it will be great. So thank you for the info =)

I haven’t ever taken a course on Perl but I would love to try to figure it out. I would also love to try to figure out how to create some sort of usermin module that could somehow output the shell similar to how you guys do it when updating packages through yum in Virtualmin. I don’t even know where to begin to figure out how to create charts and graphs out of it all.

Well I just looked at that file at /usr/sbin/postgreyreport and so far I don’t think I know what I am going to even modify or what I want to even make it do. I don’t even know if I understand exactly what it does. It would be a start to have a parameter that shows all the ones that weren’t yet rejected if working on a live maillog file and it seems this tool is more for just reporting on old logs which addresses are being spammed the most.

As you can see in the file this is the postgreyreport description:

postgreyreport opens postgrey.db as read-only; reads a maillog via STDIN,
extracts the triplets for any Greylisted lines and looks them up in postgrey.db.
if the difference in first and last time seen is less than --delay=N then the
triplet is considered fatal and displayed to STDOUT

The report sorts by client IP address

So I guess thats about where I am at now. How to actually do what I want to do is still beyond me at this moment. I think maybe I should file a feature request then because that would be awesome if you ever had the chance to add that in.


Well I finally found the ultimate tool for the job I think. It supports postgrey and and can run inside logwatch or as standalone. And it is programmed in Perl and seems to be still under development I believe.

Now how to make it do something useful or get it to display the mail that is on hold in postgrey is a whole other story.