PostgreSQL not running - database list not found

Webmin > Servers > PostgreSQL Database Server

Error message is "PostgreSQL is not running on your system - database list could not be retrieved."

Clicking on the <Start PostgreSQL Server> button fails to remedy this. How does one go about fixing this?


You haven’t told us your OS/version and whether you’ve installed PostgreSQL using OS standard packages or from an outside source (like a tarball or an alternate package repository).

I’m guessing Webmin doesn’t know where postgres lives on your system…possibly the pid, or something along those lines. Check the Webmin PostgreSQL module configuration to see if all of the paths are correct for your system.

If you are using the OS standard package, and the paths are wrong, let us know about it so we can fix it in future versions of Webmin.

If that’s not the problem, then you’ll need to check the logs (probably somewhere in /var/log) to see why it isn’t starting. Can you start it using the normal method for your OS? (Something like “service postgresql start”) Is it running when you try to connect to it with the psql shell?

This is pretty old, but I just had this problem. It was fixed by purging old postgresql-8.3 config files (I’m using 8.4), using sudo apt-get purge postgresql-8.3. I then ran into this problem, and was able to fix that by turning off DBI in the postgresql module config.