PostgreSQL installed; PhpPgAdmin install script will not run

OS type and version Debian 10 amd64
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1
Related packages PostgreSQL, PhpPgAdmin

Test website installed on test virtual server (home server, running ESXi). Only one web site installed.

PostgreSQL installed via Webmin. Attempting to run Virtualmin > Install scripts > PhpPgAdmin results in “This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : phpPgAdmin requires a PostgreSQL database”.

The few references I could find in the forums for PhpPgAdmin were 13+ years old. That makes me think that this post may belong in the Help/Newbie category. :slight_smile:

The domain your are trying to install phpPgAdmin in must have the PostgreSQL feature enabled, and must have a database.

Well, it took an embarrassing amount of time to find how to “enable the PostgreSQL feature”, but finally I did, in Virtualmin > Edit Virtual Server > enabled features. After checking the PostgreSQL database box, the script installed. A default database was created with the DB admin user’s name.

Thanks Joe. I will mark this issue as resolved.


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