Postfix with Mail Relaying and Spamassassin + Clamav

Hi all,

what i’m trying to accomplish is to get my smtp - relay server (no local delivery at all) to work with Postfix + SpamAssassin + Clamav + Postgrey. Now, there is a howto or documentation on this site to do this mail relaying with MIMEFang + Sendmail, but to be honest, i like Postfix way more.

I know this can be done by Amavis (maybe by some other(s) too), but i’m a bit stuck with Amavis configuration (mostly with some perl modules like Checker::ISA, which just wont install).

I would really appreciate if any of you have done the same conf and got it to work and could give me some tips. I have Postfix + Postgrey working as we speak, and Postgrey is doing great job reducing spam, but i really would like to add SpamAssassin and Clamav also.

I’m running CentOS Linux 5.3 with Webmin version 1.480 and Virtualmin version 3.70 Pro.


  • Yorkki

Did you do a manual install or something? I am pretty sure I am running CentOS 5.3 with Virtualmin Pro and it set all that up automatically by running the script on the fresh CentOS install. My ClamAV auto updates and everything.