Postfix virtual domains mapping to user-domain instead of user@domain

I’m currently trying to work out how to get new virtual domains with the postfix server to map to user@domain instead of user-domain when a new virtualmin email account is created. I’m sure there is a simple option somewhere however I’m yet find it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Behind the scenes, where most people will never see/notice, Virtualmin does indeed configure Postfix to deliver emails to user-domain.tld.

That’s a workaround to a Postfix issue.

Postfix doesn’t actually support having users in the user@domain format.

What Virtualmin does to get around that, is create 2 users with identical UID/GID info… user@domain, and user-domain. Both users are functionally identical, and share the same homedir. The user-domain one is how email gets delivered to the account.

But as far as users on your server are concerned, their username is user@domain, and they don’t need to know about how things work behind the scenes to deliver emails.


Actually that won’t work on my system. The virtual domains are configured to point to a user@domain format mailbox which ends up in a Cyrus IMAP account. Cyrus is configured to authenticate to LDAP which in this case means that the underlying email address must be the same as the public email address.

Another issue that was just discovered is that Virtualmin is not adding the Virtual Domain. So far I haven’t found where this functionality can be added.

I take it from the lack of responses that either Virtualmin cannot do this or no one knows how to do it.

I’m have to create a perl script to override what Virtualmin is doing.