Postfix: verified TLS with DANE

In logwatch, I am getting loads of DANE errors like this:

mail postfix/smtp[2128]: message repeated 2 times: [ warning: dane configured with dnssec lookups disabled]

I did some search and it looks like unbound can probably help:

So I thought I will give it a go on the test server, but the moment I install unbound: apt-get install unbound I get the error:
Failed to start unbound DNS server.
Stopped Unbound DNS server

I am wondering if it is because we use BIND and now Unbound. Is there a way to disable.stop BIND and try Unbound? And what would be the implications of doing that?

Alternatively is there a way to deal with the DANE issue with BIND itself?

Any idea/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Thx: Rav

I suggest the following reading:

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