Postfix transport to external smtp for specified domain


I don’t know if the question belongs to the Virtualmin or Webmin section. Depending on where the operation needs to take place.

I created a virtual domain in Virtualmin. I don’t want to create mail accounts for this domain , but I want to forward all e-mails for the given domain via smtp to their own server. At the same time, I want them to send their emails from their smtp through this virtual server using smtp authentication. Is it possible to do this directly from Virtualmin by editing the virtual server, or by a specific server template, or do I have to do it directly through the Webmin interface and not through Virtualmin?


You could configure the MX records for the domain to point to some other server on which you want mail for the domain to be processed. This is the best thing to do.

However, if you want Virtualmin to receive mail for the domain and then auto-forward the mail for each mailbox of that domain to a corresponding mailbox on some other server then that’s possible too via Usermin. Note that this could cause problems with backscatter and Gmail, Hotmail etc. will not be too happy about receiving such mail from your server.

You must manually configure Postfix to set up a sender dependent relay host. Once this is done, you could let Virtualmin know about this and subsequently use the Virtualmin GUI for further configuration.

Thank you for your response. I know the “manual way”, I just made sure that it really doesn’t work with Virtualmin. In addition, I’m afraid that any subsequent modification using Webmin / Virtualmin will not surpass my manual intervention. Yes, I will create a transport map for the specific domain, and create a sender account for this domain, that will be used destination mail server to sending mail.


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