Just wondering if anyone had managed to get virtualmin and postfix to scan mail it was relaying. I’m using the mail relay plugin version 1.7 if that helps. It would seem to be for sendmail only but I’m loath to go down that route.


There currently isn’t a built-in way of handling that.

Currently, if you want mail to be Spam and Virus scanned, the users would need to have accounts on the mail server.

You could look into ways of manually adding in support for spam and virus checking, such as setting up a tool like Amavis. Virtualmin isn’t able to help you configure that, but if you were to configure it manually, I think it may work :slight_smile:


Ya, amavisd-new is what you’re looking for (or mailscanner, but it’s… sorta un-RFC (and discouraged by the postifx-devs - long story) but seems to be a bit easier to configure/use). It has spamassassin/dkim/virus integration and allows you to set rules for the different kind of mails (pass, discard, bounce, …) there are thousand of tutorials out there. In fact, you just have to configure amavisd and add a line into the postfix or (depends if you want to scan all mails or just smtp, submission, replaying mails etc.).

If you want a webinterface where you and your users can config the different rules you could take a look at “maia mailguard”.

This tutorial was a great guide for me integrating amavis and the other stuff into my postfix: