Postfix relay configuration for only a few domains


I would like to configure an alternate relay for my host only when sending email to, and due to Microsoft blocking other hosts in my ip range. I am able to setup relay via for all senders for all hosted domains for all oubound mail, but I only wish to use the mailjet relay for microsoft bound emails for all senders on all domains hosted on my server.

Is there some docs on how to accomplish this.

**Operating system:Redhat 7.x

Thank you.

I haven’t tried to do this myself, but this seems to be what you are looking for:

Let us know how it goes, I could use this for some of the servers I have on AWS that Hotmail does not like.

Addendum: here is one which had Microsoft and Mailjet as example:

Well, MS is notoriously shit in this regard.

But that is the way to do it.
I found this documentation on Mailjets website, but it also says that those docs are deprecated. Not sure how to do it if the API is needed instead.