Postfix Queue Delete fail

Recently my mail server got hit and ended up with 11000 emails in my postfix mail queue. To speed up the deletion process I logged into my server as root and executed "mailq" to view the queue and then I executed "postsuper -d ALL" to dump all the emails.

Now when I go to view the queue via virtualmin interface and select all the emails in the queue on the page and click "Delete Selected Messages" I am take to the confirmation page, but after I click teh delete button the messages remain in the queue. I used to be able to use this method to delete emails from the queue prior to executing the commands from the command line.

Any idea what might have happened? Did somethign changed with the permissions when I executed the commands as root/ Postfix is still able to place messages in the queue.

Hmm, do those same messages that you see in Virtualmin show up when viewing them in mailq?

In theory, the postsuper would have deleted them – I guess I’m wondering if Virtualmin’s view of the queue is old somehow (unless you’re saying more emails have since entered the queue).

I agree with you though, I would think you could run postsuper without causing any issues. I might suggest opening a new bug report, perhaps Jamie would have some thoughts on the matter.

Hi Andrey,

Yes the same messages show when I execute mailq and I am able to remove them via postsuper, which is what I used to get rid of the 11000 messages. The problem is with new messages that accumulate in the mail queue. I’m now able to remove them only via the command line and not from the virtualmin interface. Something I was able to do prior to executing the commands for a first time since the server was ever set up.

I guess I might end up submitting a bug report.

Yeah, that’s definitely kind of odd… and heck, I guess I figured internally, running postsuper may have been what Virtualmin was doing when using it’s interface.

That certainly sounds "bug-like", as Joe would say, so a bug report may be the best route there.

Please do submit this as a potential bug. I experiencing the same problem after using the command line to delete mail from the queue. Since then nothing can be deleted through Postfix in Virtualmin

I have opened a support ticket for this. The ID is 4923

Jamie responded. It is a bug that has been fixed in the dev. version. Here is his response:

This is a bug in Webmin 1.441 - Postfix queue deletion was accidentally broken.

However, the 1.443 development version available from contains a fix. It is safe to download and install the RPM for that version if you need a fix urgently. Otherwise, you will have to wait a couple of weeks for 1.450.