Postfix problem


About 6 months ago i installed virtualmin without any problems on my server… Since this weekend some site owners noticed that when they send with squirrelmail that the sender name is incorrect.

When you recieve an mail from a domain you see: instead of

I searched the forum about this problem but nothing helped so far.

I’am rather new to linux and virtualmin so tell me what info need to look in to this problem!

The reason for this could be that i run an yum update on this server…

Server is running Centos 5.3

Thank you for helping



I’m not really sure here – normally, I’d expect Squirrelmail to use the system login name as the default from address – which could certainly be something like “”.

Of course, that can be set in Squirrelmail in the preferences.

Further, Squirrelmail provides plugins to help manipulate what the default from address might be if you want it to be different than the default. An example of this (that I haven’t tested) appears to be the “vlogin” plugin:

But why did that issue just start happening now? I have no idea :slight_smile:

I believe the canonical maps support in Virtualmin can also "solve" this (though never as well as using a webmail client that understands the virtual maps table, like Usermin).

The option is "Also update outgoing addresses for mailboxes?" in Module Configuration->Server Settings.

I’m not sure if merely enabling it will recreate the file with all mailboxes, though.

Problem is solved… for some reason the settings in Squirrelmail where lost…

Thanks for helping!