Postfix problem with new year


I have very strange problem with my virtualmin …

Everything was working perfect when the date was with year - 2009. After 31.12.2009 23:59 Postfix stoped sending emails.

I check all error logs, reboot the server, but there are not errors or any problems. Actually I didn’t touch anything on the server in last 2-3 weeks.

The strangest thing is that when I back the date to 2009 year everything was working and I was able to send emails, but when I make it 2010 it stops :).

I’m using simple PHP function for this - mail()

Can anybody help me to fix this problem because the only solution I see now is to change the date to 2009 year :).

OS - CentOS 5 with all updates
Virtualmin - with all updates

Thanks a lot!

is your hardware time in sync with your system time?

Yes I check it. Both times are the same.


I haven’t heard of any Postfix issues relating to the new year. The only issue I’ve run into is that some older SpamAssassin rules, if they aren’t kept up to date, could be incorrectly triggered.

You may want to make sure your emails aren’t being sent into a spam folder.

Do emails sent from outside of PHP work?

Also, do you see anything in /var/log/maillog at all around the time the emails are sent? Anything to suggest the email went out, or tried to? If it’s locally delivered, /var/log/procmail.log would show you where it’s being sent.


It was SpamAssassin problem …

Here is the bug and how to fix it:

Thanks a lot for all comments!