Postfix Per Domain IP

Hi this article contians informaton as to how to setup per domain IP sending. Bu the instructions at the bottom are confusing. I cannot find where in the menu structure to set this.

Enabling In Virtualmin

To enable use of a domain’s IP address for outgoing SMTP connections in Virtualmin, simply go to Server Configuration -> Email Settings , and change Send outgoing email for domain from IP to Virtual server’s address . Then click the Save button.

This menu structure does not exist my virtualmin environment. When you are talking about Server Configuration what server. Postfix? The virtual Domain? The Virtualmin Server.

I would be grateful for any more detailed help or I am being really stupid and it is right in front of me and I cannot see it!


You will need to follow the steps outlined at before you can see that option, @sparticle

Cheers that’s what I was missing.

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