Postfix original recipient vs final-recipient: User unknown

I’m tearing my hear out with Virtualmin and getting email setup. I think I just don’t get some of the basics that are obvious in other panels. There is a lot to like and I’m installing the GPL to try it out before going Pro, but I’m ready to through in the towel as I’ve never ever before had such difficulty getting email to work.

The issue is that Postfix is rejecting everything with User unknown in virtual alias table, and it is correct as the final recipient doesn’t seem right…

Say I’ve got a domain with on user setup as

when I send a mail to I get back;

Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; User unknown in virtual alias table

Can anyone please help? What is going wrong here?


What is your hostname in this particular case? If you type “hostname”, whatever that outputs, is that name setup as a Virtual Server on your system?

You’d typically want an FQDN as a hostname… something in the format host.domain.tld, and a name that’s not an existing Virtual Server.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response. In that example my hostname would have been

It is correct and comes up fine in the intodns check…

Oddly, I got so frustrated that I ripped it all out and did a fresh install using ubuntu 12.04 lts and my virtual min pro license. And bingo everything is working first time around.

I probably done something different as there must be an explanation, but hey ho sometimes life is too short to worry about that.

This can be closed.

Super, I’m glad to hear that it’s working!