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I Want To Increase Postfix mail processing. My Emails Are Being Processed very Slow. I’m Using 4 vCPUs and 8GB RAM/ 50GB Disk

Hello @Chanderbhan and welcome to the community. You do not need to capitalize the first letter of every word, BTW. :slight_smile:

Your system with 4 vCPUs and 8 GB should be able to process a huge amount of email. If email is ‘processed very slow’ can you identify the bottleneck - the particular stage at which the processing slows down? Also give us more info: what is the volume of email you process? Can you share with us a part of your mail log?

For comparison, I have Virtualmin on a 1 vCPU 1 GB system which has processed (on a Sunday, hence the low volumes) 3000 messages, removed spam and delivered them instantly with an average CPU load not exceeding 5%.

Postfix log summaries for Sep  6

Grand Totals

   2067   received
    943   delivered
     12   forwarded
     15   deferred  (218  deferrals)
     17   bounced
    210   rejected (18%)
      0   reject warnings
      0   held
      0   discarded (0%)

  79121k  bytes received
 186108k  bytes delivered
    428   senders
    275   sending hosts/domains
    146   recipients
     17   recipient hosts/domains

Let’s see if we can’t help you get similar performance form your system.

Dear Sir, I want to send 400 Emails Per Minute is it Possible? As the last day, I don’t know why but my Postfix was somehow stopped and most of the Email could not be sent. Please suggest to me. I’m Using the Mailwizz application to send Emails and have set to deliver 400 Emails. But, I don’t know that is my Email system able to handle this much Delivery or not.

400 email per minute is half a million a day. If your email list has a low bounce rate (less than 2%) and is double opt-in - in other words, you are not spamming - then the hardware specs of your server are adequate enough to be able to deliver that many messages, assuming a network throughput of 10 Mbps or better @ 100 KB per email.

Hmm. Can you check if your IP address has not been blacklisted and your VPS host has not blocked port 25 on your server?

We can continue this discussion if you confirm that you are not spamming - which is defined as sending unsolicited bulk email.

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