Postfix mail not displaying correctly in mail clients

When we send email from the dedicated server running virtualmin server it arrives like this:

brithday reminders for august
<title_tage>brithday etc etc

but when we send emails from the current shared hosting server they arrive like this:

Birthday Reminders for August

Here are the birthdays upcoming in August!

Person Day Month Year
Joe 3rd August 1970
Sally 17th August 1973

is there a config that needs to be checked in postfix so that HTML tags are not displayed within the mail?

Well, Postfix isn’t going to touch your message body. It just takes an email it’s given, and hands it off to the recipients email server. And then the recipient can read it.

The two variables here are:

  1. If something changed about what’s generating the email itself (if it’s a PHP app, for example, maybe something in PHP changed) – that could potentially be causing the issue you’re seeing. Maybe something regarding the headers isn’t working the same as it had. You may want to review the logs that PHP would write to.

  2. The recipients email client – are you sure the email client and settings here are the same? If if the client wasn’t set to view the email as HTML, it could potentially cause the problems you’re seeing.