Postfix mail for <> loops back to myself error

I’ve created an e-mail address username by using the full address format ( I got no problem sending to external mailserver (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) from my server. However, whenever I try to send to another email address locally, it get bounced with the following error:

status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)

I was wondering if anyone manage to solve this? As I had a very very hard time figuring out the solution to this.

If there’s any further info needed on this, kindly advice me on this.



That can happen if a given domain has it’s MX record pointing locally, but the “Mail for Domain” feature in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features is not set.


Ah, no wonder. It’s fine now :slight_smile: Thanks andreychek!

For those who are having problem, basically you need to enable the mail features:

System settings > Features and Plugins > Enable Mail for domain.

Once you enable it, you need to set it any existing virtual server that needs mail:

Edit Virtual Server > Enabled features > tick Mail for domain enabled?

Save Virtual Server and walla, it should work now :slight_smile: