Postfix Issues ***UPDATED***

I have static IP. I have bellsouth dsl ( AT&T) ( They block port 25).
Older Hp Pc, Installed Centos 6.6 (pc was not 64 bit capable)
Used to install Virtualmin.
Set up my domain name, Pointed to my server.
set up my base domain.

Everything seems to be found fine.

Setting up other domains,
DNS all seems fine.

my problem. is that virtual min does not seem to be able to send email when it sets up a domain.

I did have it set to email out the domain details to the account owner. (me) but that is not happening.

I ASS-U-ME (assume) that is has to do with the port 25 issue with Bellsouth.

In the past I had always had vps servers rented so they had always set up port 26 as a work around with no problems. I on the other hand, am not sure if that will work from this side of things.

Is there going to be a solution to allow Virtualmin (and other domains on the server) to be able to send and receive email?

if so, a lil nudge in the direction as to what I research for would be greatly appreciated.

If I can get all my configuration issues worked out I want to get new server that is 64 bit compat and set up with centos 7 with more speed and memory :slight_smile:

Thank you

I have managed to find in webmin where I could change the settings and tell it to relay through my isp using authentication on the correct port.
HOWEVER, this has resulted in a new problem.

Now, I get the following error.

lost connection with [server] while receiving the initial server greeting.

Is there anyone that can point me to something on that?

Still searching, with no hair left :wink: