Postfix/Dovcot Broken After Dual Factor Issue Earlier

I guess I’ll put this in the newbie category since I’ve taken over from an admin who talked a good game but didn’t deliver. I’ve run Virtualmin since Ubuntu 12 and it’s been pretty good. We recently went to 2 factor on Virtualmin and then had a loss of the google side of the account. I roughed through that and got the system back up but we’ve lost email on 5 domains and I’m not making progress. I even went so far as to provision a fresh server, but that install had errors and isn’t much better off.

The broken mail system has serious certificate problems. I can’t get postfix/dovcot to change or update the certificate, so we can’t access mail.

May 19 21:43:57 web11*****.com dovecot: imap-login: Fatal: Couldn’t parse private ssl_key: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line: Expecting: ANY PRIVATE KEY
May 19 21:43:57 web11****.com dovecot: master: Error: service(imap-login): command startup failed, throttling for 60 secs

Any tips?

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