Postfix does not recieve mail (new fresh installation)

New fresh installation of Virtualmin on Centos 6.5 64bit, everything seems to be ok, except Postfix does not receive mail, error message is:

The error that the other server returned was:
451 4.3.5 Server configuration problem

and all the emails get delayed (not delivered).

Checked all settings - everything seems fine. How do I find out the problem? Or should I just reinstall the system again? In iptables SMTP/POP3 is all open for incoming

First step as always: Take a look at the log files in /var/log, especially the syslog and mail log. Postfix should note any errors it encounters there.

ok, got the answer, it had something to do with the “greylist” package:

errors are:
“warning: connect to /var/spool/postfix/postgrey/socket: No such file or directory”

strange thing is postgrey package was installed, but no “postgrey” user was added to the system.
So I have fixed it by removing the package and installing it again.
Now everything seem to work perfect.

Glad you got it working, rock on! :slight_smile: