Postfix configuration

I have postfix configured on serving some other mail domains.

I have an account which receives some aliases (root, admin, hostmaster, etc)

But when someones sends a mail to it actually sends the mail to the ‘admin’ unix account and I would like to have it sent to

How can I get this working?

There is another question I need to solve: how can I limit the maximum size limit for an incoming or outgoing mail?

thank you in advance


Well, since it’s a different domain name – those are two completely different email addresses in unrelated Virtual Servers.

If you want to go to the address, the simplest way would probably be to edit /etc/aliases, and add a line that looks like this:


And then run the command:


That should do what you’re after!


Thank you.

I did solve it using masquerading, all the is outgoing as

It is done on postfix configuration module.