Postfix configuration for mail_from sitename@hostname.localdomain

I have a problem with mail_from configuration of my server (It’s a dedicated server with Virtualmin version 4.02.gpl GPL and CentOS Linux 6.4).

Concerning customs php scripts mail is sending from sitename@myhostname.localdomain !! I use simply PHP code like mail(“”,“TEST”,“Message”);

I detect problem is around POSTFIX configuration of my webmin/virtualmin panel.

I find into webmin/network/network-configuration/DNS-client how to change the name of machine (hostname) but at this time i obtain sitename@hostname.localdomain by sitename@myhostname.localdomain .

If localdomain stay at “localdomain”, i think it’s because localdomain is not configure, how to set localdomain or a e-mail adress into from field for every mail sending??


OK, i resolve my problem!!!
You need to modify hostname into webmin/network/network-configuration/DNS-client by for exemple, after we have many problem with existing e-mail adress. For resolve problem of email, we have to linked “user” with alias and real user like contact -> adress = \contact at webmin/server/postfix-configuration/Alias!!