Postfix - can't get to work regexp aliases

I tried to add regexp aliases to postfix - no success so far…
I need to get wildcard aliases like:
so I added new file to Webmin->Servers->Postfix->Mail aliasses
and added new line to this file like this:
/[a-z0-9]+\-blah-mydomain\.tld/i: myadress@anotherdomain.tld
Than run
postfix reload (or service postfix restart)

When sending mail to blah-blah@mydomain.tld I get
550 5.1.1: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table
Any advice would be appreciated.


Does it work without using regexp for aliases? :slight_smile:

I would start looking at myhostname and mydestination options.


Well, you are right - it doesn’t work… It works only when I add alias via virtualmin gui and than shows in virtual domains…
What am I doing wrong?

What should I look for?

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