Postfix Binding to two different IPs

OK so this is the issue now. I’ve gotten Postfix up and running and it looks like everyone is happy with me. The problem:
I would like to have Postfix listen to two different IPs and send and recieve mail from those two different IPs. I have read that you can run another instance of it and bind each to its own IP. How would this work would virtualmin? Would I still be able to modify users and such? I know that the interface modifies the Virtual user file so if i create a new instance will it know to read from that second virtual host file?

Is there an easy way to get virtualmin and postfix to work together well when I would like two different IPs.

Everyone is going to ask why I need two. The answer is simple, I have one site that will be sending out massive amounts of email daily. (ok maybe not massive, just 1000-2000 per day) They are mostly notifications and user requested information for passwords and such. The second site on the server is my own personal site that I don’t want to appear connected to the bigger block/network site. This is because I want if yahoo or whoever decides to start sending the notifications to the spam folder that the emails from my personal site do not. I really want to maintain the integrity of that site.

Any suggestions? I’m all ears. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, two Postfix instances makes for a pretty a-typical setup :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get that to work with Virtualmin? I dunno, probably, with a decent amount of work and most likely creating a new plugin in the process.

Would it work today? Definitely not :slight_smile:

I ran into your predicament not too long ago, and wanted a way to separate the mass mailings from the rest of the web hosting. What I ended up doing is just paying for a low-end VPS (I spent $20/month), and setting up a dedicated mail relay.

I then setup things like phpList, Mailman, and similar to use that VPS as a relay.

So all the web sites and such remained on the primary server, but anyone sending a decent amount of email traffic had them routed through this other low-end box, which only runs Postfix.


that’s very disappointing, I’ll just have to keep looking for solutions. I don’t want to have another VPS because both servers would need to be on the same server with the site so that there could be a sendmail path for the php scripts.

Thanks anyway.


Do your scripts require /usr/bin/sendmail or localhost:25 ?

For instance, mailman configuration uses DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST which can be a domain name or an IP.

This can be configured to use the new offsite mail server.

Your idea is a good one. With it you can set different rate limits and filtering on the different mail servers. Your plan to have two different servers on two different IPs doesn’t necessarily require that the two IPs be on the same host. The complication of having two completely different Postfix servers running on the same host are vast. You won’t enjoy that.

Remember, your new host will also have to receive mail at least to ‘postmaster’ and ‘abuse’. You’ll have enough interesting things to do just in setting this up on a new host, and will learn a lot about your situation and solution.

It might be fun even :slight_smile: