Post v7.10.0 update, Apache logs have disappeared

OS type and version AlmaLinux 8.9
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.09.5
Package updates All installed packages are up to date
Hello all,
I have just updated numerous servers to the latest Virtualmin v7.10.0 and noticed that the ‘Logs and Reports’ navigation section no longer includes the ‘Apache Access Logs’ and ‘Apache Error Logs’ and ‘PHP Error Logs’ links!
I have done the usual ‘clear cache’ to no avail.
Is this by design, an oversight or a bug?
![image 232x499](upload://iZabbRIFXDxkEowbFp57IdhmLmT.jpeg)

I’m using Rocky9 and all works for me.
Have you tried Re-check Configuration, any errors?

Hi Stefan,
Yes, I have run the ‘Re-check config’… and all came back clean - no reported issues.
I have other servers running Rocky 9, and others on old CentOS… and all of them are displaying the same issue. Mysteriously the Menu Items have disappeared from the Navigation Structure?

weird, do you use special templates (or plans) or the default? Only thing I can think. Are you on the root login? Apache is enable on the server you looking at.

Hi Stefan,
I use both the default ‘account plans’ and custom plans. I also use the default ‘templates’ and a custom template… and the issue is indiscriminate, the menu items do not appear regardless.
The log files exists, are in the standard location, and are being populated as expected. Log file rotation continues as before. It is just that the theme files no longer want to display the menu items since the upgrade?

Maybe try disable and enable apache on one of the Virtual Servers. Weird that no issue on my system if you have it on all yours.

Success thank you Stefan. I was sudo root…
I have logged in as root and they are now there.
Now the question becomes, how do I give permissions to sudo root…
I shall consider this resolved for now. Thanks again Stefan for your timely responses.

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