post installation- mysql problem

Hi guys

i have been dealing with virtualmin for 4 hours to figure out the problem but couldnt find a solution.

here is my problems

i am using digitalocean and ubuntu 14.04

i have followed this guide step by step

but whenever i install virtualmin, i always encounter some problems

first problem is MySQL has been enabled, but cannot be used by Virtualmin. Use the MySQL Database module to fix the problem


i go to webmin - server- mysql database server and i got this error at the bottom

The full MySQL error message was : DBI connect failed : Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO)


and after writing my login info it shows me

Login failed : Incorrect administration username or password

and i reset my root password but nothing happened. what am i missing? how can i solve this problem?

Hi, I have got the same problem. Support ticket system sending fails. Anybody here to care and help?


pawelkb, if you’re a Virtualmin Pro customer, you’re welcome to file a support ticket using the Support link above. However, I’ll try to offer some advice below which should hopefully resolve that.

Also, note that the case of a MySQL password being set before Virtualmin is installed will be handled better in the next Virtualmin version.

But as for handling that now –

You should be able to go into Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL, click the gear icon on the top-left (or click Module Config, depending on your theme), and in there, you can set the “Administration login” and “Administration password” options.

Once you do that, you should then be able to re-run the post-install wizard by going into Virtualmin, and looking in the System Settings menu. If it doesn’t show up immediately, you may first need to run the Re-Check Config option.