possible to sync Virtualmin users wi/ Linux users?

I’m moderately new to Linux in general, but not a total newb. However, I don’t know my way around LDAP. I’ve searched through this forum thoroughly, so if I missed something I apologize.

What I want to do is create a virtual server, but where it says “Add new virtual server, owned by:” it doesn’t have my list of users. It lets me create a new user, but what I really wanted to do was use my existing user.

Is LDAP the right path to go down? Or is what I’m looking for even possible? Right now I’m about to delete my local user and have him recreated via Virtualmin, but if there’s a better way, I’d really rather do it the better way.

Thanks in advance!

Is LDAP the right path to go down?

Definitely not! Unless vastly increased complexity, resource usage, and significantly slower performance are your goals (there are situations for which LDAP is an appropriate technology, but this is definitely not one of them). LDAP is merely a user data storage mechanism, like /etc/passwd. It just provides the ability to include arbitrary data and provide network-wide reliable access to that data. This is not a situation where “network-wide reliable access to” user data would be useful…Webmin has access to the local user data already. We’ve just never had folks wanting to grant existing users access to virtual servers, so it’s not in the form.

Or is what I'm looking for even possible?

Probably. I don’t know for sure, though, and I’m not sure if I know exactly what you’re trying to do. There is an “Import” option that allows you to import various types of existing virtual server (like from Apache VirtualHost configuration) and turn them into full-blown Virtualmin accounts. But if you just have a username, that’s something I don’t think we’ve ever been asked.

But, if it is possible, here’s probably how you’d do it:

Forget the “owned by” bit. That’s for creating virtual servers owned by existing virtual server owner accounts (this is the Sub-server account type).

Create a Webmin user for this user, and set it to authenticate to the UNIX password database (this would be PAM or /etc/passwd…but you don’t need to care about that).

Then, in Virtualmin, go to the create virtual server form, and fill in the username in the "Administration username" (and fill out the rest of the form).

Save it.

See what blows up. Come back and yell at me about it.

In case it isn’t apparent, I don’t know what this will do, exactly…but I would recommend you try it on a test user first (and have backups…you always ought to have backups of everything).

If this doesn’t work, maybe removing the user and recreating it from Virtualmin is the way to go.

Thanks for the response, Joe!

I followed your instructions and got the error "Failed to create virtual server : The specified administration user already exists" (which is the same I got before when I tried manually entering the username without adding the user to webmin users).

So it looks like the best way is to just create each user in Virtualmin, or give them different users for their webpage versus their local login.

Thanks again, you’re a huge help!!

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