possible to download older versions?

We’re having tons of problems with 3.57GPL (well, 3.572 apparently) on one of our production servers. We can’t create new emails, can’t modify email forwarding, can’t enable a disabled address, etc.

Is it possible to download an older version of Virtualmin GPL? Will it hose anything to roll back to a previous version…perhaps 3.56 or 3.55?


I love having conversations with myself. :slight_smile:

OK, in case anyone needs to download an older version, I found this url helpful:

The problems we were having have been solved by changing the theme to the latest "Virtualmin Framed Theme". Weird.


How about filing a bug??? If we don’t know about problems, we cannot fix them.

But, I suspect you’re running a new Virtualmin on an old Webmin (or with an old version of the theme), which is almost always going to have problems. These three should be considered a matched set that are never upgraded without being sure you’re running the latest of the other two (Virtualmin and the theme actually are almost always released simultaneously, and should thus almost always be upgraded simultaneously). Webmin only upgrades every couple of Virtualmin releases, but it’s worth checking to be sure you’re on the latest.