Possible Suspension Page Help

OS type and version Windows 11 Pro 21H2
Virtualmin version 6.13

Hi everyone,

I was hired to create some forms for this website. I am not the owner of this domain, I was simply added onto it. I need some confirmation, is what I’m currently seeing a suspension page due to not paying the annual hosting fee?

If so, why does the default message say, “Thank God”? Is it possible that the default message was erased by the previous webowner of this website and changed to “Thank God”?

Don’t apply your cPanel assumptions to Virtualmin.

The page that you see is the result of a user clicking the Disable Website option in Virtualmin’s menu and then entering “Thank God” as the reason for disabling the website.

We will be unable to divine why divinity was thanked for this routine operation. Only the thankful individual who entered that comment can shed light.

To enable the website, look for the Enable Virtual Server menu option, if you have access to Virtualmin.

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Thanks so much, appreciate the information.

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