Possible redirection of Panel URL

Hey everyone. :slight_smile:

I switched from another hosting system to Virtualmin and I really love it so far.
I had some issues, but I could resolve them (with some external help from a good friend).^^
I just have one thing which I am interested in, its nothing serious but I am curious if there is a way to redirect the panel url.
An example:

If you enter that in the browser, it opens a webpage with the default “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource.” index.
If I enter the port of Virtualmin, I get redirected to the panel (intended).
I enabled SSL for the domain and it works fine.
I just want to know, if I can redirect the http version of panel.example.com to the https version of it.
And it that is possible, would it be possible too to redirect it directly to the url with the ports?

I took a look through the panel and couldnt really find something (or I overlooked it).
I took a look through the files too, but I couldnt find a vhost file for the panel.


And thanks for the lovely system. :smiley:

As a workaround I created a new vhost for the apache and placed a redirect directly inside the vhost file.
It works fine, but I still wonder if there’s a “better” solution.

The default Apache server template includes an admin redirect for every domain. It’s configured with the Redirect admin.${DOM}? and the URL for admin redirect options in the Apache website section of Server Templates. Click the option labels for online docs.

Thanks! I am aware of that. :slight_smile:
I access the UI through the through the same domain as my server FQDN. That works fine, if you put the ports after the domain.
Thats why I created a vhost with the matching URL to redirect the the address with the matching ports. :smiley:
I had that all the years with the previous systems and I prefer it that way. :sweat_smile:

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