POSSIBLE BUG - VM would not start with more than 4 virtual disks?

I run Cloudmin GPL 1.680 (KVM) on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS box.
I have created an Ubuntu 12.04 VM that I use as a Samba server.
I added a 5th virtual disk (1 CD and 4 qcow2 HDDs) to the samba server.
With this configuration the VM would not start and System State -> Boot Messages shows the following error:

qemu: too many IDE bus: 2
QEMU waiting for connection on: tcp:,server

Is this a bug? It looks like Cloudmin allows you to attach several disk to a guest machine but is then unable to manage them.

Is there a workaround? For example, can I manually change IDE interface to SCSI to overcome what seems to be a limitation with IDE interface?



this is a KVM limit and not a bug, see:


Virtualized IDE devices
KVM is limited to a maximum of four virtualized (emulated) IDE devices per guest.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I have been using other virtualization software and never suffered this issue. I was not aware of such a limitation in KVM.
I will have to fined an alternative solution.