Possible bug in S3 backup setup

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17 pro
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might be related to this S3 Backup Failing

But the issue I see is that I can Setup the S3 backup just fine and add my IAM login details. I can list the buckets on the “amazon S3 buckets” link. However, I get a backup failed error due to hostname verification failure. After finding the above link, i looked into the /root/.aws/credentials file. Virtualmin put the access key and the secret as the same value. I put my correct secret and the backup worked right away. I know I entered the correct details in the GUI but the file did not have the correct details like it should have.

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It is the same bug and we repeatedly get it despite the response being “you must have typed it in wrong”.

No solution yet other than having to manually edit the aws credentials file.

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:frowning: That’s not good.

Once you’ve done it the first time though it seems fine and it stays put. But we’re spinning up new servers quite frequently so it’s just become part of the deployment process.

ive just encountered this bug

should this BUG-FIX for overwriting aws credentials by dkarvounaris · Pull Request #351 · virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl · GitHub be the fix for it?

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