Popular/Largest Web/Virtualmin Website?

What are some examples of popular or large web hosting companies using Web/Virtualmin?

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Depends on what you mean by “popular” or “large”.
To start with I would not trust any “hosting” provider to implement Virtualmin as a package that just seems like asking for trouble - just rent a box with the (OS) of choice and implement it yourself.
I do not place much value on the size of a company. I place more value on the speed and competence of their tech support. “popular” no, more about the range of boxes / offerings available. but then why would anyone want a “hosting” provider when that is what I am doing with Virtualmin


Thanks for the reply. What I meant is for an example of a hosting company (by name) which uses webmin/virtualmin as thier CP.

Im asking due to scalability and general overall sense of what I can expect. Example “On average how much CPU, RAM, DISK, BANDWIDTH etc does the normal person use?” or “What is a good starter package to offer to customers?” questions like that. This is why I asked for a popular or large company to compare with.

In regards to Your comment about trusting a hosting provider to implement Virtualmin did You mean to install/configure it or what because every VPS you rent/purchase is accessible by the VPS provider regardless if You give them user/pass.

I hope that clears up my comments.

I’m not sure I could be described as “normal”!

But from my perspective there is a big difference between a “production” box and a “development” box. I have 5 boxes in total only 2 are what I would term “production” and they run happily with 8 VS on 4 core OS. The other boxes are all 1 core OS - I have a personal preference for Ubuntu as my OS. Of importance to me and my clients is the location of the box. US, China, Europe. All clients start on a “development” box until everyone (particularly me) is happy. RAM and DISC (and a lesser extent BANDWIDTH depends on the clients requirement and is their cost.

The size of client company is irrelevant to me (I m more interested in the use.) A 1 person company can generate a hell of a lot of traffic and a big multinational can generally do it all in-house but may have a one off project that requires external “specialist” treatment. Even some governments keep thing off-radar.

Not quite. I have seen some box providers offer a package with Virtualmin pre-installed. (I leave them well alone) So, No thank you. I don’t have a problem with them installing an OS but it ends there. One of my main reasons for going Virtualmin was the ability to junk things like Apache, PHP. I am not interested in WordPress (which I personally think is a pile of :poop: ) Sure the box provider has physical access to the box but so has the government. If found out they would soon cease to exist as a business. I used to install Nginx webserver myself and struggle to manage email. Virtualmin does that cool. Sure there are changes I would make/add for example better/different database a nosql db.

hope that adds a little more clarity

I was focused on these types of questions. I fully understand the need and difference in requirements for development box vs a client box.

Ive since done some more reading and I think I got a decent “starter” plan to offer.

Ill just divide/multiply from there.

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