POP3 port 995 open on firewall but Virtualmin not allowing as auth method

Hi guys,

So I am getting a virtualmin up and running for our company. Everything is working great, except our previous email provider allowed port 995 for pop3, and all our employees email clients now use that port. However when I try to get use that port on Virtualmin I cannot connect. I am using Thunderbird to test and port 110 STARTTLS is accepted but when I choose port 995 SSL/TLS I get the error “Thunderbird failed to find the settings.”

I check, when I telnet to port 995 on the Virtualmin server it is listening. How do I configure virtualmin to allow port 995.



After MUCH further testing it turns out the port is working fine, for some reason Thunderbird just has an issue with it. So when I added it as port 110 and then created the account, I then went back and manually changed to 995/SSL. All working!