POP3 info doesn't appear

OS type and version CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Virtualmin version 1.984

I would like need to manage email from Gmail, so I need to configure POP3.

When I go to


I see that I don’t have port and authentication POP3 info

<incomingServer type="pop3">







What should I check?


Definitely not Dovecot.

What could I check to get POP3 working?

Well, Dovecot is the POP3 server, but the autoconfig information is not generated by Dovecot (it is generated by Virtualmin) and the autoconfig contains a pop3 section, so…pop3 is enabled.

But, I basically don’t understand your question.

What does getting mail from POP3 on your server have to do with managing email from GMail? I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish as the things you’re asking don’t seem to have any relation to your stated goal.

Edit: I misinterpreted the situation again. Deleted my prior reply.

The template for the CGI scripts that get generated is here: https://github.com/virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl/blob/master/autoconfig.cgi

Looks like you can just look in the autoconfig.cgi script in your domain cgi-bin and add port (I think it’d be 995 for SSL POP3, but it’s been decades since I used POP3, so I don’t know off-hand), and authentication would be password-cleartext (which is why you need to use SSL).

It is not at all apparent to me why this wouldn’t have been added automatically.

But, still, I have no idea why you’re asking about this with regard to GMail. The premise of the question has me completely baffled.

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Finally solved!!

My error was filling username field. Its information is on Mail and FTP Users->IMAP/POP3/FTP login

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