Pop3 and Imap ports closed ? Dovecot not listening on ports ?!?

So yea obviously i fairly new at this, and everything is working good so far, except now I’m trying to get my emails to work for me. I’m figuring that it should be fairly simple to get and email client to at least connect to the server and check for mail, but for some reason, when I do a port scan it says my port are closed, not timed out like the others, so its been forwarded properly and everything, its like if nothing is listening on those port. Both port 110 for pop and 143 say closed instead of open … when I check if dovecot is running in webmin > servers > dovecot , it says it running :frowning: I try to telnet to domain.com 110 and it says could not open connection to host on port 110 … it must be something simple, but I’ve been digging for hours and I’ve gotten no where and I would really appreciate any help. Thank You

After hours of trying new things, i figured it out. Need to edit /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and remove pound sign in front of listen=* on line 31