Pop will not authenticate


I purchased an License for Virtualmin Pro last night.
The install with smoothly and i had the system up within in minutes.
Loved it, never had an install so smoothly but i have one issue.

I can not authenticate via POP.
IMAP works and sending mail via SMTP works.
POP wont for some reason.

I modified any of the files as yet.
I have added 3 domains to the system.
The setup is a vigin Ubuntu 6.06 LTS fully updated running the latest Virtualmin.

Am i missing something?

Its all good now.
Worked out my issue.
I read over this thread and the fixed worked for me.

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What’s in the mail.log when you try to authenticate?

Oops…that’s what I get for clicking send after walking away from the computer for a while. Good to hear you got it figured out.