Point Domain Name to VPS using Virtualmin


I know there are lots of topics about this, but I’m really stuck and I have no idea how to point my domain name to my VPS. Till now, i installed virtualmin and configured it, from the virtualmin tab I created a virtual server named after my domain. But now what? For what i understood from other posts is that i need to bind the DNS servers. So i went to webmin tab and in Servers > Bind DNS server I added two records to the new created domainnamed virtual server. One record is named ns1 that point to one of my VPS ip’s and ns2 is the second record that points to an other VPS ip. After all of this i updated the informations from the Domain management and added 2 Hosts records: ns1 which point to the first ip and ns2 that points to the second ip. The DNS information is set to default because if i set Domain Name Server 1 to ns1.nameofdomain.com i get an error: ERROR: Errors modifying nameservers: Nameserver ‘ns1.nameofdomain.com’ could not be registered.

I am really stuck and I have no ideea how to point my domain name to my VPS. What did I do wrong?

I found this site useful when setting up Vmin for the first time: