Please update Centos 7 httpd RPM

the Centos 7 repos now have httpd 2.4.6-97-5 – I think that’s the name … it also might be called httpd-2.4.6-97.el7.centos.5

Please rebuild httpd and update the VirtualMin repos :slight_smile:



@staff can someone look into this for me please ?

Perhaps, it’s time to switch to Alma 9 or Rocky 9?

No, I need to roll an update. I just missed it. Sorry. I’ll try to get it updated tonight.


Is it already updated this package?

Thank you very much.

@staff bump :slight_smile:


Done. Sorry for the delay. I kept seeing this and thinking, “I need to fix that when I have half an hour…” and then forgetting about it. Luckily, we don’t need it anymore on any new distros or installs, so it’s a finite problem…will only last another couple years until CentOS 7 reaches EOL.

Y’all let me know if you don’t see it.

Note that it is not in the old (or new vm7) repos. Only vm6 repos get it. Old repos are deprecated, and new installs do not need or use suexec.


I can see it – all looks good.

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