Please include your OS and version when posting a new topic

Every OS and version is a little different, and sometimes a lot different. You must include your OS and version when posting a question if you want people to be able to help you. It’s super frustrating to try to help without necessary information, so please always include the OS and version you are running Virtualmin, Webmin, or Cloudmin, on when making a new post.

To that end, I have modified the post templates for the various help forums to add fields for both.


Joe, great! Thanks! Should we also add to the template:

  1. Webmin version
  2. Virtualmin version

Maybe, but everybody should be running the current version of both. I guess we can’t rely on that, but I don’t want to make it tedious to post.

Practice shows that “should” is not always a case. If it’s a bug report and a user didn’t include software version numbers, the next response from us is going to be this exact question - “What is your Webmin/Virtualmin version you have installed”. It’s crucial.

This message, should be delivered using textarea placeholder tag (so when user starts typing it disappears automatically), the same way we do it in virtualmin-support module with latest patches.

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