Please help, installing new ssl certificate

OS type and version Linux, Ubuntu 22
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.9.0
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Hello there! I am in need of some assistance installing an ssl certificate. I have searched the net to find instructions on how to install an ssl on virtualmin and/or webmin. All of the ssl installation instructions including the virtualmin website contain instructions with completely different menu options from what I am seeing in my virtualmin and webmin menu. I have purchased the new ssl cert, and am fully ready to try and install it using virtualmin, but the degree of difficulty is proving to be quite high. Please help me as this topic of installing an ssl should be a hell of a lot easier than it is proving to be.
Kind regards, Michael.

Select your virtual server that you’d like to install the certificate on, then go to Manage Virtual Server → Setup SSL Certificate.

You can upload your SSL certificate, key, and CA certificate, if necessary, under the respective headings (Update Certificate and Key and CA Certificate). You can also use Virtualmin to generate a CSR.

What are you seeing that doesn’t match the docs and where are you seeing it?

Thanks for your help dwightpro,
I followed your directions to generate the CSR, and then update certificate and key. Now when I look in Manage Virtual Server > Setup SSL Certificate … It shows the details for the new signed certificate and the new certificate details look correct. But now when I refresh my website in the browser, the browser says “can’t find server”… any thoughts on what could have happened?
Thanks, Mike.

Ooops, cancel that… I just restarted apache2 and the website came back online. And the new SSL Certificate is now working fine. Thanks for all your help guys!

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That’s not a certificate problem, that’s DNS or the web server is simply down.

You’ll need to look at the logs.

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