please fix my account !!

I have paid my account two days ago - and it is still showing;

Now re-checking your Virtualmin license …
… license is OK! It is valid for 100 Virtualmin domains, and for use on 1 systems until 2010-10-28.

Notice - Your Virtualmin license will expire in 4 days.

please FIX your records, as I don’t want it to expire!!


Yeah, it looks like something went awry, though I’m not sure what entirely… it’s possible the shopping cart goofed and wasn’t apply to apply the license correctly.

It’s also possible something went awry with the payment, though at first glance it looks good.

So here’s my two thoughts –

First off, even if your license expires, Virtualmin won’t stop working. It’ll continue to offer the functionality it does now, it’ll just give the root user a notice as you log in that there’s a problem with the license.

Knowing that – the thing to do would be to pop a message in the Support Tracker. It may take Jamie or Joe to take a look and figure out what went awry there. They should be able to get you fixed up quick!


thanks Eric, I don’t know what the support tracker is? Can you not just tell them to fix it please?


That’s the “Support” link above.

If you click the “Support” link at the top of the site, then go into “bugs and issues tracker”. They may need to ask you some questions, so the quickest way to get you up and running would just be to pop your question in there.