please explain licensing


I need some clarification on the licensing please.

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Cloudmin annual (1 year) license for ten guest instances using any virtualization technology supported by Cloudmin (Xen, vserver, Zones, EC2). If you only need to manage a few virtual machines, or if you are reselling Cloudmin enabled hosting systems, this is the product for you.

Ok, so I understand this allows 10 Virtual Machines to be managed from Cloudmin, right? Do I need to pay the full $149 every year, or is there a different renewal price?

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Cloudmin annual (1 year) license for management host systems of any type (Linux Xen, Linux vserver, Solaris Zones), and up to a total of 25 virtual machines. This product does not include Virtualmin Professional licenses.

Please note: If you have enough servers to make this product useful, and also use Virtualmin Professional, you very likely qualify for the Virtualmin Partner program, which provides significant discounts. Please contact us, so we can save you some money.
Price: $219.00

This is a bit different. What is the Virtualmin Partner Program, and why do I need it? I’m mainly going to be using CloudMin to host virtual servers for our clients. If I, or our clients, don’t use VirtualMin, will this be a problem?
And then, if I a client is interested in getting VirtualMin Pro, does he need to purchase the license himself, or do we do it for him?

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Renewal Purchase Link:

I believe this should help.

*** I may be wrong with this information, so “Joe/Jamie” feel free to clarify or correct me as needed. ***

As for the “Virtualmin Partner Program”. This is designed for those who purchase large numbers of Virtualmin Pro licenses, and offers discounts on them.

Many hosting providers rent/lease control panels like Virtualmin Pro to their clients on a monthly or annual basis. This means that the hosting company purchases and officially owns the license, but lets their client “use” the license during their period with the company.

If you follow this model of business, then the Partner Program may become useful in terms of saving you money and earning some extra profit from your customers.

Cloudmin itself does not require that you use Virtualmin, so no you won’t run into problems if you don’t choose to use Virtualmin. In fact, you can install any control panel or no control panel at all within a Cloudmin created VPS.