PLEASE consider eliminating dependency on google

this google captcha crap is extremely f’n annoying and unnecessary, as well as being an assault on personal privacy by one of the more evil corporations on the planet

better alternatives are available

please stop forcing users to have to deal with this

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lol what? Where did Virtualmin force users to implement Google Captcha though?

You’re right, we only have CAPTCHA to make our payment processor happy. I’ll try to find an alternative. I also find Google’s reCAPTCHA annoying. It’s gotten much more time-consuming lately, where it asks for many more answers (I think they benefit from the training data).


that’s certainly a possibility, but another cause can be browser privacy/anti-FP settings which not only can cause more questions to be asked, but can also slow the image refreshes to a remarkably annoying crawl

thank you for taking care of this Joe - much appreciated!

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Doesn’t that latest version asks no question? They work it out if your human on browser history.

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it may be up to the webmaster as to how it’s implemented, or it may depend on browser settings, dunno

regardless, google is an utterly rotten, unethical company that is notoriously anti-privacy

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I have not used it but i believe the implantation is very similar to recaptcha.

However, this is another cloud based solution with free and paid tiers.

Also, if you want privacy and block a lot of trackers you definitely have to do more of the clicking on tiles and things.

hey Joe - just wanted to check if this is still on your ToDo list

It is. Ilia is working on a whole new website as we speak. And, yes, we plan to find an alternative to Google for both CAPTCHA and analytics.


Before you tick it, try to move your cursor sporadically (imitating inaccuracy) rather than clicking it quickly by moving cursor in a straight line. There is an algorithm in reCAPTCHA that’s tracking the cursor movement accuracy to separate humans from robots.

Also, using a VPN almost always increases the chances of undergoing reCAPTCHA verification.


Back in time I came up with custom made captcha that ever since most humans had trouble solving. It could work nowadays as well. We could technically re-implement it in but that’s a lot of work on top of everything.

That’s not accessible.

OH i hate those things too :slight_smile:

i guess my Q is; why is a captcha needed at all for someone clicking the log-on button since they already need to supply credentials?

and yes, a VPN makes it worse (google)

anyway, THANK you guys for addressing this, really - it’s not just that it’s a (horrible) annoyance, but also the privacy issues with using anything google - matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons i just switched VPS providers (forcing google captcha for the client area)

@Ilia - that little girl is absolutely the cutest ever! is that your site?

Yes, it’s mine. I created it to manage and handle participants, competition protocols, bracket-sheet data, and to automatically calculate results, among other things.

What is even more concerning is going to government websites and seeing googletagmanager in my NoScript dropdown. Who is writing this stuff?

But yeah, I hate having to enable google and gstatic scripts all the time just to prove I am human. Bots don’t have feelings. :frowning:

why, the modern “full-stack” “web developer” of course! :slight_smile:

(btw, congrats to you for hammering JS with NoScript - check out uBlock Origin if you ever decide to replace NS)

So-called modern web developers are the culprits

Is the madness ever going to end?

No, your website is not a web app even if you call it so

No, you cannot trust third party code without reading it first

The proper design process in web development

Using a framework can make you stupid!

How to write software that will keep working for decades without problems

If it helps, I’ve had good results recently from It’s not free but it’s cheap and I’ve found it effective at both blocking spam and avoiding false positives.

Ok, is that a april fools joke?

No, it’s a Pi-Day joke!

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