Please backup your data base's before migrate to other servers

OS type and version CENTOS7
Webmin version LATEST
Virtualmin version LATEST
Related packages VIRTUALMIN

Before you migrate, please backup your database’s
otherwise virtualmin don’t backup your databases.

it will unless you uncheck it not to. i use the backup feature on a daiy basis and it backs up all databases. if it isn’t doing t then something wasn’t setup correctly int eh backup section…it’s an easy fix.


As do I. Backup works. Restore works. DBs are backed up and restored as they should be.

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For one of my domains I make a full backup 2 times per hour and I have restored it a number of times without any problems. For the other domains I make a weekly full backup, and that have saved me at least once when the server crached. I own a lot to Virtualmin and the backu-up function.

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