Planning on Buying.. but..

I’m planning on buying pro, but I have these questions:

  1. By saying "10 domains or virtual servers", do you mean domains and virtual server combined or separate? (by separate, I mean you can have 10 domains and 10 virtual servers max)

  2. Is this a yearly license? (Virtualmin 10)


I guess yes, all of the above.

You can have:

10 domains and one virtual server
10 virtual servers each with a domain
or any combination thereof.

A virtual server is virtual by rule, the liscense would be for one physical server.

one year, yes

To clarify, the shop items actually say “domain virtual servers”, and not “domains or virtual servers”. We’re trying to be very clear about what we’re talking about…but it never quite works out. :wink:

A virtual server in this context is a Virtualmin account for hosting one website–doesn’t matter if it has a domain name of its own, or sits on a subdomain of your hosting domain. Domains don’t matter here.

"Virtual server" does not mean "virtual private server", "virtual dedicated server" or anything like that. It means a user, a VirtualHost entry in Apache, some disk space, mail service, etc.

Licenses are annual, but during the EA period, you get two years (not immediately, but the licenses will be extended before they expire to two years for free).