phpPgAdmin script fail

OK. It just doesn’t like to install it on the top level domain account. Installed on a virtual server.

Ubuntu LTS 20 up to date.
Latest Virtualmin, up to date.
Days old install of both.

Fatal Error!
Failed to install script : This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : phpPgAdmin requires a PostgreSQL database

Yes. Postgresql is installed.
PostgreSQL Database Server
PostgreSQL version 12.13 (With schemas)
PostgreSQL Databases

Database name Tables
ginny 0
mailman3 24
mailman3web 35

Database name Tables
postgres 0
template0 -
template1 0

The domain you are installing phpPgAdmin in does not have a PostgreSQL database.

How would we make that error more clear?

There has to be a database first? I have some created by mailman that aren’t really linked to an account. I thought the main account would have access to everything on the server.

Of course.

What “main” account? root (or the system admin)? They do. But, the domain you’re installing phpPgAdmin into does not. They can only manage databases in their domain.

So, create a database in that domain.

If you want that domain owner to be able to manage existing databases, you’ll need to grant their database user access to them. It’s possible to manage any database on the system with phpPgAdmin, once installed, assuming they have access to them.

I’ll also point out there is a PostgreSQL management GUI in Webmin, which the root user (and any domain owner, assuming you grant them access) can use without having to install any extra software.

Well, that’s the first problem. The mailman DB isn’t associated with a domain. But, I’ve been retired for over 10 years from this stuff and SQL was always a weak point for me. I’ve been correcting and hunting down configuration fixes for the mailman package till I can hardly see straight. Maybe some ethanol will help fuel the flames.

Click on Edit Databases for the domain, and then click “Create a new database”.

If the domain is not allowed to create PostgreSQL databases, you’ll have to give the domain that feature first, in Edit Virtual Server->Enabled Features.

I was stuck on the Webmin tab and missed that. You didn’t mention it will allow me to import those databases. :wink: I’ll try that option. Maybe after backing it up. Not that I have much to lose right now.

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