phpmyadmin works only inside from virtualmin

I am the only person that will admin domains in my server. So i dont need to give phpmyadmin to customers etc. For security reasons, i dont want phpmyadmin reachable. I just want it works “inside” virtualmin.

I found
It seems its features are what i want :
Installs the latest stable version of phpMyAdmin securely inside Webmin.
Adjusts phpMyAdmin for the best experience from inside Virtualmin.
Integrates nicely with the Virtual Server administration context.
Serves phpMyAdmin internally from under Webmin/

Can you check it if its working ok and is it safe? or do you have better alternative? I checked Install Scripts section… but its basically giving phpmyadmin to customer so its not needed nor safe against brute force tries.

why don’t you just install phpmyadmin using Virtualmin’s installer and use an .htaccess file so only you have access?

what you mean with “use an .htaccess file so only you have access?” do you mean password protected directories?

With .htaccess you can do all sorts of things. For example password protect. Or you could use it to make sure that access would be possible only from localhost (and then use ssh tunnel to access it securely). The latter option is actually what I recommend.