phpmyadmin let error 500 and no logs in my home

Hi !
I have a fresh install (ubuntu 18.04 and php 7.2)

I create new primary virtualserver (with phpfpm, and ssl with letsencrypt) and site works ok.

When I add Install Script phpmyadmin. At first it failed about installing php-mcrypt …

So I install php-mcrypt with pear, and add extension in php.ini (phpfpm, apache and cli)

Then I uninstall and install phpmyadmin again, it doesnt fail, but continues with error 500.

And I cant see errors in /home/mysuser/logs/error_log …

Best regards for your help :wink:

I add more info.

I created sites with PHP-FPM instead FCGId because users could see /home content … And I need to Jail user only to see their own directories.

I test creating new site with FCGId and phpmyadmin works on it.

So … the error is with PHP-FPM

I could use php-fpm fixing phpmyadmin issue , OR , fixing jail in FCGId

Best regards !!!

I found the fail, but not how to fix it permanent.

If I copied manually /etc/localtime and /usr/share/zoneinfo to:

It works … works php date, and works phpmyadmin.

But It is manual process …

Are There any way to automatize it ? or fix it in another way ?

Best regards :wink: